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Welcome to our hidden gem! We wish you a memorable dining experience with us.

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You can make reservations for our restaurant below or call us to help you reserve a table. Feel free to also walk-in and enjoy one of our signature cocktails from our bar while you wait.

Priscilla U. Costa Mesa, CA

Yuzu is now my favorite go-to sushi place in Costa Mesa. This place is super aesthetic, has fresh and amazing quality fish, and excellent service. There are bar seatings, booth seats, and table seating so you can choose your adventure. I would recommend making a reservation because this place can get packed, but they definitely have enough space for walk ins as well. We ordered a variety of different dishes from sashimi, nigiri, hand rolls, and more rolls. There were so many unique flavors that meshed really well while allowing you to taste how fresh the fish is. Here are a few of the items that I ordered: - Spicy Garlic Edamame, it comes hot with fried onions. It's super crunchy, lightly spicy, and such a great appetizer. Highly recommend opening with this! - Yellowtail Carpaccio, really fresh, the sea salt added a nice crunch to it and paired really well with the olive oil - Tinker Bell Hand Roll, this was super lightweight and really filling - Nigiri: Salmon with Truffle, Striped Jack, Wagyu (the wagyu comes out with a really cool smoke glass, fun for the table) - Snowflake Roll: This is probably one of my favorite rolls I've ever had!

Tina Y. Aliso Viejo, CA

Absolutely top notch experience here each time we've dined. The sushi is fresh, delicious, and super high quality. Some of the best cuts of fish I've ever had. Service is amazing as they are prompt, attentive, and polite. I love the ambiance since it's modern and upbeat, without being over the top trendy. The manager works very hard and is always watching everything like a hawk. Kudos!

Cindy C. Los Alamitos, CA

WOW!! I had heard this place had elevated Japanese food, but I didn't expect the hospitality to be off the charts as well. Owner Ryan made the rounds and treated everyone like family. My server Freddie only needed a slight nod to know a had a request. He kept a sharp eye out and knows how to read the room. Well done Freddie!! The cocktail I had was a HUGE surprise. I'm an amateur home mixologist and have never had a sake based cocktail that was so well balanced and delicious The Sweatheart is delivered under a dome of smoke and was absolutely perfect. A must try is the Yzu Junmai sake in an Alladin shaped bottle... a citrusy delight. Food!! Best EVER spicy Edamame. Blistered and seasoned to mouthwatering perfection (see the trend here). Followed by a very yummy Monster New Nigiri and LUXURIOUS Yellowtail Carpaccio... unreal flavor and texture. My happy ending was the Yuzu Cheesecake... perfect ending to a most amazing meal. I WILL BE BACK!!





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